About Us



My husband and I started Virtual Doctor Calls. My dad was a truck driver and I eventually became one, too. I am now a work at home mom. We have four children. My husband still drives and we knew that truck drivers needed a way to get to a doctor without having to find the nearest ER or urgent care for non emergency illnesses.

Can you imagine trying to find a parking spot for a semi? It isn’t fun.

Little did we know how handy this was for everyone. Not only can you call a doctor when and where you need to, but you don’t pay anything extra, unless you are prescribed a prescription.

Our family has saved thousands on doctor bills and it was all handled over the phone without leaving the house. With high deductibles with insurance, how can people afford to go to the doctor? Everyone knows that if one kid gets sick, it won’t be long until everyone gets sick and those doctor bills start adding up. Not to mention all that time off of work and school. yes, you are still going to miss some work or school, but no where near as much if you have to wait for a regular doctors’ appointment.